Affordable Way
To Remodel Your Kitchen

Time to do something with those 30-year-old kitchen cabinets? Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing the affordable alternative to kitchen remodel.

It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Replace Existing Doors - includes new hidden hinges.
  2. Replace Drawer Fronts - new drawer boxes are optional.
  3. Match Cabinet Surfaces - cover all exposed cabinet surfaces in matching material.

It is that simple.  No demolition saves you time and money.  In most cases you'll have an updated kitchen within 3 days!

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Instant Quote...

Simply send some pictures of your kitchen cabinets (along with total door and drawer count) to  We will send you back  a ballpark estimate!

It Makes Sense...

Cabinet refacing offers an option for renovating old cabinets in good condition, at a cost of about half that of installing all-new cabinets

The Chicago Tribune explains how economical kitchen cabinet refacing can be for homeowners.

"The Spruce" has a great article explaining how refacing is a lower-cost and far greener alternative than pulling out and replacing cabinets.